Designed to ensure customer success:

Our overriding goal is to ensure each customer's experience with both our software and our company is successful. To accomplish this success, we have designed a Customer Success System that's unique in the software industry. Depending on the size of your business and complexity of your organization, this model can scale up or down to meet your unique needs. Big business or small business, we have you covered.




During the Discovery phase, we work with your team to understand your goals, current processes and customer requirements resulting in our Customer Success Agreement (CSA).



During Onboarding, we work with your team to develop and execute a project plan that includes:

  • Setup, configuration and testing of your organization's unique policies and procedures

  • Training for your administers and field workforce

  • Development of custom functionality to address any unique requirements of your business

  • Delivery of your solution live to production



During the Support phase, our (CCSR) Certified Customer Service Representatives are available by phone and email for timely resolution of issues and for answers to your questions.

We offer unique services for self-help and additional training:

  • Self-service portal where you can view the status of your case

  • A self-help library of tools that guide you through frequently asked questions as well as group-based webinar training sessions

  • On-site training where a CCSR will come to your location for product training



Our ongoing services are designed to address changing industry dynamics and your business needs.

  • User conferences and groups include sessions for training, industry best practice knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer interaction and customer innovation feedback forums

  • Our Industry Best Practice and Education Series addresses important industry and technology topics and how they impact your business

  • We drive innovation through our product roadmaps and frequently release new capabilities that address evolving user requirements

  • Our product release process provides insight into how product capabilities and data analysis can be expanded to meet our customer's goals