“UtiliSphere has consistently helped our company save millions of dollars a year by vastly reducing the number of crews we need to dispatch to do our 811 locates.”

VP Operations
Fortune 500 Telecommunications

“UtiliSphere has taken our pipeline division from several manual paper/Excel processes to an automated, digital platform. UtiliSphere has truly revolutionized our business processes, allowing us to remain on the cutting edge in our industry.”

Sr. Director of Operations and Engineering
Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company

“We have adopted UtiliSphere across the company and now have over 1,500 employees being more productive. The productivity gains range from technicians doing day to day work, to executives charged with growing our billions of dollars in annual revenue.”

SVP of Business Operations
Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

“UtiliSphere allows us to achieve standardization across all of our different business units. This is key, because it allows us to collect data across a wide variety of departments and truly look into the data to make smarter business decisions. What’s more, the standardization decreases the chances of missing a compliance-related issue.

Our field technicians are excited about how much easier UtiliSphere has made their inspections. Productivity has increased on a corporate and individual level. Plus, this is a valuable communication tool for us — management can now easily see the status of work items.”

Energy Company