Solutions Overview


Quality Control Audits

Quality Control is necessary or required for any company with facilities. Often this process is manual or siloed, difficult to stay organized and impossible to report on. UtiliSphere’s QC solution solves all these challenges while increasing your safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Smart Scoring

Scoring 811 tickets removes all the guesswork while allowing your company to score tickets based on any element. Reduce risk, prevent damages, screen and assign tickets 50% faster.


Facilities are required to be patroled, in the air and on the ground and UtiliSphere makes this process seamless. Information is collected inreal-time in the air and sent to the ground patrol teams. Keep your facilities safe and your records accurate.


Operator qualifications

Ensure only qualified technicians (internal or external) are working on your companies critical assets. UtiliSphere not only tracks the information but also prevents unqualified actions from being taken. Includes the generation of qualification badges.

Gas Meter inspections

Simply your Gas Meter Process with a simple photo. UtiliSphere has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) with inspection workflows. Automatically detect corrosion, vegetation and buried meters and corrective action will automatically be initiated.


Managing the integrity of your pipeline is a critical, complex and costly process. Running “PIG’s” helps increase pipeline performance and reduce the amount of corrosion and leaks. UtiliSphere manages the entire process of launching, receiving and automatically scheduling make it easier to manage across all assets.

incidents and claims

Tracking and managing incidents (or near misses) can be a complex process and UtiliSphere removes all the roadblocks. Automatically link to any activity (include 811 tickets), increase your productivity and increase your claim win rate in one platform.


Facility protection is a critical part of your operations. UtiliSphere’s Crossing solution streamlines the entire process allowing you to identify potential crossings, respond immediately to the requester, create crossing agreements with your company's unique look, track electronic signature and see all crossing near your 811 tickets..

Asset tracking

Properly functioning equipment is an absolute necessity when it comes to Asset protection. Enforce that equipment being used on the job has been properly calibrated and approved for use by tracking the equipment used for activities around your assets.