What irth UtiliSphere can do for you:

irth UtiliSphere is a revolutionary, cloud-based software that empowers companies to automate work processes and maximize the performance of human and physical assets across the entire business — resulting in transformational benefits. Read below to learn more.


Mobilize Your Workforce 

UtiliSphere increases field productivity and enables organizations to effectively mobilize their field workforce using fully integrated mobility, dispatching, scheduling, routing, automated notifications and more. The integrated mobile application allows access from anywhere, on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and any operating system (Windows, Android and iOS), connected or disconnected from cellular or internet service.




Simply Build, Quickly Launch 

Enable ‘citizen developers’—from business analysts to tech leads—to build and launch no-code mobile applications customized to your business, not the other way around. With UtiliSphere, you can reduce costs, speed up development and shorten product delivery cycles.


Respond to Business Demands


Quickly respond to changing business needs by creating no-code custom mobile solutions that can be leveraged by all departments. Our customers are using UtiliSphere across operations, IT, damage prevention, right of way, integrity management, aerial patrols, environmental health and safety, outage management, incidents and claims, and many others — to increase efficiency, safety and compliance.

Gain Unprecedented Operational Insights

Reporting and analytics provide you with insights for critical decision-making. UtiliSphere verifies, measures, pinpoints, and reports on outcomes that are important to your business, allowing you to monitor and analyze execution results. Examples include verifying where work was completed via GPS, creating reports and conducting analysis on execution results, tracking the start and end time of work completed and conducting analysis on work in context with assets and location on a map. These insights empower you to make decisions about investments, hiring, growth modeling and organizational restructuring.


Improve Process Efficiencies 

With more direct communication and increased workforce collaboration, UtiliSphere allows you to eliminate redundant steps and trim wasted time. Because certain tasks can trigger alerts or other tasks in a process, requests can be responded to immediately and without delay. These increased efficiencies not only boost business performance but will naturally increase customer satisfaction.


Streamline Workflows and Operations


Your business may be complex, but your software doesn’t have to be. UtiliSphere can be leveraged to fully automate process flows and work routines based on complex business logic that you define. The beauty of UtiliSphere is that the software works around you — not the other way around. Every workflow, process, work function and communication point across field and plant operations can be fully streamlined and consistently automated.


Consolidate Your Software Investments 

irth UtiliSphere can be leveraged as a single platform for asset management, workforce management, data collection, ticketing and a myriad of other functions. It can eliminate the need for limited, specialized departmental systems and can be utilized as a single platform for all work processes — across desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones. This streamlined investment saves money, both now and into the future.

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